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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a post to test putting on pic.

In the Beginning

Well, this is it. We've sold our house and have to be gone by Sunday. That's just three days. It's a bitter/ sweet time for us. We aren't using the property for it's best use anymore, and it's a lot of maintenance if not in use. It has been a great life here on the Urban ranch. Having the horses, chickens, dogs and all the other critters that Shane drug in were a lot of fun. All the friends that we made in this phase of our lives were great. We will miss them all. Fortunately, with the marvels of the internet, we can now bring them along, at least in some small way.
Shane is excited about his new Independent Study program from the University of Nebraska. It will take a while to get him set up in the program, but it looks to be very good. We'll start him full time in a few weeks. This will give him time to get settled in on a sailboat and get used to his new lifestyle. We already have a few of the books for his studies and he will be taking a few placement type test over the next couple of weeks. After these test he should be able to start studies at his appropriate level. We're very hopeful that this program will be good for him.
As for this time she seem to be in a perpetual state of shock. Even though she is excited about our lifestyle change she is still amazed it is acctually happening. As we all are.
Well for now, we need to stay in the packing mode and will get back to developing this blog latter.