The Journey of S/V Moonshine

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finally made it down to Grenada. It was a great sail down. We left from Marigot Bay, St. Lucia and did an overnighter down to Carriacou / Grenada. What a nice trip. The moon was almost full so it was like sailing in the daytime. What a great experience.
We stayed in Carriacou for a couple of days just because we like it there. It's a nice smallish island with really nice people. A great window came up so we didn't tarry any longer even though we loved it there. We left real early in the morning to make the 40 miles or so to Mt. Hartman Bay. On the way we decided to take the windward side of the island down. This we have not done on a major island as it is so much more comfortable along the lee side without the big waves. However it turns out that you have to motor more as there is less wind there, not always. So..........we take the windward side.
What a sail!!! It was our personal record. We sailed in excess of 7 knots!!!  We usually sail around 5 knot, and happy to do that. We thought that we would get to the anchorage around 4:00 but arrived before 1:00. If you didn't get the impression, IT WAS GREAT!!
So here we are, settled into Mt. Hartman, Grenada, for another hurricane season. Getting reacquainted with old friends and meeting many new friends. Going to jam sessions and cleaning up the volleyball court are just a couple things we're getting involved with so far. Should be a great hurricane season here in Grenada.

Friday, June 14, 2013

So here we are in St. Lucia again. We really like it here and will stop when ever we are in the area. We came in a got a slip for a few days to do some work on the boat. We equalized our batteries with the shore power here and gave the boat a good washing down. Once we get settled in down at Grenada we probably won't have another chance to be at a dock for several month. Some of the work can only be accomplished when you have access to electric and water. The boat is looking good and we should be in good shape till we haul out sometime this summer to do a bottom job and repaint the boot stripe that is looking a bit tattered.
We spent quite a bit of time here, on St. Lucia, on the way north this last winter. (but you all wouldn't know that since I didn't keep this blog up!!) We had a great Christmas dinner here we about 20 of our friends that we had met in Grenada and along the way. We visited a lot of the local markets and toured some of the island. One of the highlights was zip lining in the rain forest. It was spectacular!! It's a beautiful island and would love to spend more time here but alas hurricane season will soon be upon us and we need to move on down to Grenada for the insurance issues. We'll be in the Grenada, Trinidad, Tabago area till next November. We'll see where we end up from there.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello from Dominica. We have spent almost two weeks here on the island and have not seen hardly any of it. We did a group tour with some cruiser friends and had a great time, We went around the north one third of the island. Visited an area that had several waterfalls with not too long of a hike. The water was very refreshing. The island is very scenic with lots of spectacular ocean views. Shane and I have been exploring a lot around Ft. Shirley on the north west side of the island which is also near our boat. There are many old ruins in the area from the British occupation of the area and also some French ruins from the  time that they were briefly in control of the island. We have found cannons out in the wood were you wouldn't think they would be and also many shards of wine bottles and plates. We found a couple of cannon balls near a cave that we think could have been used as an armory. The locals don't seem to set much store with the forts history and much has been lost as to what was used for what. The restorations that have been done are wonderful and very nicely constructed but there isn't much as to interpretation of what and how the area was used. Shane and I probably know as much as anyone in the area after our 5 trip wandering around the area.

We have also been enjoying all the local flavor. We took the bus down to Roseau two days ago and  visited a restored fort in that area and walk the town to get pictures of some historic churches and neighborhoods. There is a pretty big market there so stopped to get some fruits a vegetables before going back to the boat. It was quite a long bus ride. The good part is that the Chinese for some reason have invested  into the infrastructure of the island and have built a very nice road the length of the island. On Sunday evenings the boat guys that manage the anchorage here put together a cook out for any 

of the cruisers that wish to attend. It's a great way for the boat guys to make a little extra money and it provide a great way for cruisers to get together and meet one another or visit with old friends. Either way it's a fun gathering.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Surprise!!! I'm back and posting!! (at least one post) We have been in the Caribbean for a year now and still enjoying it tremendously. Shane is still with us and finished his high school studies in Grenada last fall. We've been as far south as Trinidad and back up to St. Maarten. We are currently in Dominica and heading back south for the hurricane season. We have been enjoying having more time to spend at the various islands this time around. Antiqua, Dominica, St. Lucia and Grenada seem to be our favorites so far.
Shane took classes and received his STCW95 cert. and is qualified to work on the Megayachts now. He has been hired to do a couple of deliveries so far. One was an 80' racing sailboat from St. Maarten to Rhode Island via Bermuda and a 60' racing sailboat from Antiqua to St. Thomas. It has been a great experience for him.
So here I am again saying that perhaps I'll try to post more frequently but as you might be a loooooooong. time. I'm hoping the Shane will help some and I can get the map to show where we are instead of where we've been. Both would be preferred but having a bit of trouble in that area.
So till next time, we are still down here alive and well.