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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tough Job

Things are tough, but someone has to do it. I VOLUNTEER!!! We sailed from Green Turtle Cay to Hopetown Bahamas. Now it is time to ponder the question. Are there degrees of Paradise? We got to thinking that Green Turtle was the greatest Island in the Bahamas. Now we think that Hopetown is the Greatest Island in the Bahamas. I starting to think that mabee it's the Island that you happen to at at the moment. They all have great........something! It can be a great night life or a great beach or a great historic area or a great isolated lagoon, ect. ect. The list goes on and on. I guess that is the reason you have to try and get to all of the hundreds of island at some time and is also the reason that people/ cruisers come here year after year. We have decided that we will stay here for a while. After all, we have discovered the tonight is BINGO night! We HAVE to go snockeling on the other side of the island and we HAVE to go climb the most photograghed light house in the Bahamas and we Have you see how this works?
Shane is doing great. He has gotten on a roll with his studies and has found quite a few friends along the way. He hung out with a group of student artist from the Washington, DC area painting pictures of the incredible sunset over the anchorage. He just walked up and started doing line drawings of the area and the teacher invited him to join them for thier afternoon class tomorrow. How cool is that.  Maybee now I'll have time to catch up on this blog...........Yeah Right!!

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  1. Great report...yes we do see what this is like and i know blogging is a lot of work but please....keep us entertained!....great job and enjoy!